About Christine Chow

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, I currently work on the ETF & Benchmarking Solutions team, which offers an index and ETF aggregation service distributed via API, flat files, and database applications. Specifically, I support technical queries and collaborate with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot system errors and resolve data quality questions. We apply a ground-up calculation methodology to analyze and validate index levels and NAVs computed based on source data. In addition, we developed solutions in Excel VBA across international teams to streamline existing workflows and automate recurring processes. To generate insights, we have designed dashboards to assess service metrics, visualize quantitative data, and identify trends for informed decision-making.

Prior to this, with exposure to a range of fields, I worked as a Digital Educational Media Consultant for Indiana University. With experience as a consultant, I conducted research on learning design practices and co-authored a chapter in Digital Badges in Education, a Routledge publication. At Stanford University, I graduated with a Master's degree in Learning, Design, and Technology, and I am an alumna of the Early Entrance Program at California State University, Los Angeles, where I earned my Bachelor's in Communications.

In the past few years, I obtained my FRM certification and passed all three levels of the CFA exam on the first attempt. At the same time, I gained experience in the data and financial industries. This strengthened my knowledge about operational risks, capital markets, and financial instruments, including indices, ETFs, corporate actions, as well as alternative investment and fixed income products. Overall, I am a conscientious market data associate with experience in research, problem solving, data extraction, and information visualization.


Projects & Publications

The following is a selection of projects and publications that I have completed over the years; please feel free to click through my past writing and video creations:

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Early Entrance Program
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